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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Public Relations to Market the Turino Olympics

This is from www.turino2006.org

The Olympic trademark carries an inheritance, a legacy of values that, try as they may, individual disciplines can never achieve. This trademark is immediately recognised and appreciated by 93% of the world’s population.

This is how Nevio Devidé, TOROC’s marketing director, describes the project on which he is working alongside Lorenzo Giorgetti, licensing manager.How does the licensing programme work?

TOROC holds exclusive rights for use of the 2006 Olympic Winter Games trademark, the trademark of the Italian Olympic teams that will also be used at the Athens Summer Games and the trademark of the Paralympic Games. We shall grant licenses to use this trademark on products in specific categories that are considered to be most consistent with the Olympic values and the image of Torino that we wish to convey. These include items that are traditionally linked with Olympic events, such as the mascot, pins, clothing and accessories and others that are more specifically related to the Winter Olympics, such as mountain and trekking accessories, backpacks.

The programme will also benefit from specific public relations activities and side-line forms of communication that, over the next few years, will make the Torino 2006 trademark one of the best-known brands in Italy. This is certainly a unique opportunity, also from a commercial point of view.

How do businesses go about applying for one or more licenses?

Licensees will be selected through private tender. They will be selected on the basis of economic criteria, but the quality of manufactured products, the soundness of the company and the environmental compatibility of the products they offer will also be taken into consideration. The www.torino2006.org website will include a section dedicated to the licensing programme and companies that are interested can contact us at the licensing@torino2006.it e-mail address, which is already operational.

Who will purchase ‘Olympic products’?
This programme covers a very wide target group: first and foremost it targets the sportsmen and women and everyone who has anything to do with the Games, especially spectators. It also addresses the local market, collectors, tourists and more generally all those who wish to associate themselves with the Olympic values. Profits from sales will be used to fund the organisation of the Games, in view of the fact that TOROC is a private non-profit-making foundation, and to support the Italian Olympic teams.

Where will licensed products be sold?

In addition to the licensees’ normal channels, TOROC is in the process of selecting partners to implement others. We plan to set up Olympic brand stores at airports, in Torino and at competition venues, following the examples of Sidney and Athens. Products will also be sold online through a site that can be accessed from the TOROC website».When will we be able to buy Torino 2006 products?

We have just signed an agreement with Swatch, one of the Olympic TOP Partners and licensed to manufacture watches. Pins produced by the only active licensee, Trofè, will be on sale from December. The Norwegian company, which manufactured the pins for the Lillehammer, Sydney and Athens Games, is currently represented at local level by the newly-established subsidiary in Torino. As regards the other categories, the selection process will commence as soon as we receive the go-ahead from the IOC. We shall have the first prototypes by spring 2003. We are working to a tight schedule but hope to complete the process by next autumn. Then sales will start.

What is the ultimate goal?

To promote the values of the Olympic Movement, but also those specific to the 2006 edition and the region that hosts the Games. These values are expressed very well by the ‘Celebrate Humanity’ commercials broadcast by the IOC this year. The message is clear: the Olympics celebrate fundamental human values such as multiculturalism, friendship, participation and fair play. The licensing programme will provide the graphic design and symbolic description for these values. Our mission, and that of all licensees, is to make sure that these attributes are recognisable in licensed products


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