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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

My Example-How to do a PR Campaign for 3060

Dr. Jensen's Example of How to Develop the PR campaign

Identify the Topic for the Campaign

I volunteer for a local genealogy library that has great resources but very few customers. Our primary problem is that the number of patrons is so small that our library might be closed, even though we are a not-for-profit.

Identify Research that Needs to be Done

We need to answer the following questions:

· Does the library fill a unique niche in the community?

· Are there enough people in the community with an interest in this topic to justify our being open?

· Are others offering similar services?

· How much to people in the community know about the library?

· What can we do to increase visibility of the library?

· Are there certain key publics that we wan to target to get more people to the library?

Actions that Need to be Taken

  • Identify key constituents
  • Identify organizations that are our allies (that will work with us)
  • Identify specific publics that we can target who might like to use the library
  • Lay out the framework for a communications plan
  • Identify the overall goal and specific measurable objectives that need to be met to determine if the PR campaign is succeeding and if the library is viable

Describe Communications Needs

Identify if the following communications (among others) may be needed

· WWW site

· Brochure

· E-mail news list

· Press Releases

· Logos

· Slogans

· Determine if we have the personnel to develop some of these communications and, if not, how these will be produced

Note: I will require that each student develop and submit at least one of these items to me (i.e., a logo, a slogan, a web design, etc.).

Evaluation Measures

Identify how the success of the PR campaign will be evaluated:

Outcomes that relate to the overall viability of the library

· Did the campaign increase traffic to the library?

· Did we build linkages and relationships between the library and organizations and individuals who want to work with us?

· Did we identify unique services the library provides that are unique in the community (not provided by others)

Identify the success of news coverage

· Mentions in the mass media

o News clips

o Placements of spokespeople in interviews

· Increase in website hits

· Numbers of people signed up for the email list server


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