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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

How to develop the PR Case Study for Jour 3060

How to Develop the Public Relations Case Study for Principles of Public Relations (JOUR 3060)

Over the course of the semester, each student will be required to develop a very basic Public Relations campaign for an issue of their choosing.
The idea is that each of you will use the principles taught in the class to go through some of the processes you will use if you were developing an actual PR effort.
I will be very wide open about how each of you may develop your campaigns. For example, you might want to focus on developing a slogan or a PowerPoint slide presentation. On the other hand, you might choose to emphasize topics related to research or evaluation. Ultimately, what I have at the conclusion of this process is a product that you might feel comfortable giving to a public relations client.
Here is a brief overview of how the process will work
By January 28-Each student will Identify the Issue they will develop a PR campaign about and briefly describes the idea behind the campaign.
By February 14-Each student will briefly Describe the Research that needs to be done for their campaign. This can be as simple as describing what types of research you might want to do (if you had sufficient resources) or you can do some very basic research about your cause.
By March 11-Each student briefly will present the Actions that Need to be Taken they will consider or undertake for their PR campaign. Students can either talk about some of the actions they would take or perhaps could do some of them.
By March 18-Each student will briefly Describe Communications Needs they may wish to develop for their campaign.
By April 1- Students will briefly discuss how they will Evaluate the success of their PR campaign.


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