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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Advice for Students Considering Taking My Class

Students considering taking PR 3060 at NSULA from Ric Jensen need to be aware that this class will require them to submit work every week.
If you do not keep up with these weekly assignments, it will hurt your grade and will likely reduce your chances of succeeding in this class.
My expectations are that students will do the following each and every week:
* Take a scored quiz on Blackboard
* Read a journal article and write a 2-page paper that briefly summarizes the article. In the paper, students will need to tell me how they react to the article (if they agreed with it or not and/or how they think the article affects PR practice)
* Write a 2-page paper where you react to a case study
These weekly assignments will not be difficult. I've put examples about how to write a reaction to a journal article and how to respond to a case study on the Blackboard site. I will soon post an example of how to develop a PR campaign.
Before each weekly quiz, I'll give you my PowerPoint slides. I will also have a Blackboard chat where we can discuss items covered in the chapter and I'll try to answer your questions.
In exchange for this weekly work, there will be only 1 major exam for the class--the final. The final will consist of questions asked during the weekly quizzes.
Students will also be required to develop, over the course of a semester, a brief and basic PR campaign.
Finally, students can choose to write a book review for extra credit.
I've also created a web blog where I will discuss many of the current issues that will be presented in class. It's basic right now but you can view it at http://www.ricjensen.blogspot.com
In sum, if you want a great experience in PR, please consider taking my class! The course load is reasonable and I will work with you via email and web chats.
But, if you don't want to keep up with homework each and every week, you might want to think about whether this class is really for you!


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